Pool of Arbitrators

Amelia Poplicher

Amelia R. Poplicher B.A. ( USA) LL.M.(NL) is an International Art Law Expert with Art Law Offices in Frankfurt am Main.

She advises and works on dispute resolution and in various art law arbitration cases in commercial compliance and privacy proceedings of cross-border cases. Involved in privacy and gallery compliance as well as in Securisation of art works and online art agencies her art law expertise is appreciated also by the art resort of financial institutions. Amelia is a mediator for international art insurance cases.

Having also finished the extended educational program she has earned credits with the NYC bar on US privacy and gallery compliance.
Amelia Poplicher LL.M. has been trained in cross-border litigation at the German and Luxembourg Courts and has worked for the European Parliament and the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg Strasbourg and Brussels.

Amelia Poplicher LL.M. was appointed as an arbitrator and mediator for the Court of Arbitration for Art in November 2022. Previously she was a member of the German arbitration association (DIS).

Amelia has hosted various conferences for art law, including art law disputes resolution on an international level for the European art law foundation and international art law committee.

Regularly Amelia Poplicher LL.M. ( die Kunstrechtexpertin ) publishes on her research of art law on recent developments in her art law journal (DDL- Kunstrechtjournal. Further she mediates for galleries and for museums, as well as in cross-border art transportation on yachts and art insurance, international art legal compliance and NFT in art in crypto currencies.

Her language skills in English German French Dutch, Romanian and international law (Univ. Frankfurt, Mainz, Maastricht), politics ( HPU,US), economy (Hagen School of Law and Management) and art history ( Städel Art Museum, Art Law Center) has led her to multiple jurisdictions within the European Union and USA.

Jurisdiction: Germany