Pool of Arbitrators

Megha Chandra

Counsel at Hon’ble High Court of Bombay

Megha is an attorney, mediator and arbitrator focused on art law, copyright, entertainment and commercial law. She has graduated from Gujarat National Law University in 2011, and since then has been actively involved in litigation practice, predominantly handling disputes relating to copyright, media and art. She has consistently worked with multiple artists and spread awareness amongst them about their rights in the art that they create.

Megha’s law practice has included litigation, arbitration and mediation since 2011. She has served as Arbitrator and Mediator in a wide range of commercial disputes at the domestic level. She is also a court-appointed arbitrator for various cases. She has participated as faculty member and judge at KC Law College and has participated in various Bombay Bar Association- sponsored events. She was appointed to the original Arbitration and Mediation pools of CAfA in June 2020.

Megha’s educational background includes: B. A (LLb) Hons. from Gujarat National Law University, India.

Jurisdiction: India