Pool of Arbitrators

Hoa T. Dessoulavy- Śliwińska

Partner and Founder of The N.E.W.S. Law Center Kancelaria Adwokacka

Hoa Dessoulavy- Śliwińska is a Polish and Vietnamese practising lawyer who has experience with disputes over authenticity and provenance, breach of contract, damage and loss of sale, including: successful solutions to problems where there is a breach of contract and breach of warranty of authority (including defending of gallery interests in disputes related to the distribution of works of art); advised a purchaser of a misattributed portrait, exploring possible action against the organisation running the sale of liability for negligent misrepresentation (commercial auction house in Vietnam); acted for the owner of a painting (title dispute) which was due to be included in an auction on behalf of a third party who alleged ownership of the painting (Poland, Switzeland, China); advised parties to reach a compromise to solve a case where both parties were involved in sensitive non-legal issues, generally irrelevant for a court such as issues of emotional, commercial, cultural, ethical, political, historical, moral, religious, or spiritual nature (China, Vietnam, Poland).

Hoa’s educational background includes: Lazarski University (Master of Laws degree in 2004); The Polish National Bar of Attorneys-at-Law (Attorney-at-Law’s license in Poland); Vietnam Bar Council (Barrister’s license in Vietnam); University of Warsaw (a postgraduate degree in Art Market Management, Master's Programme with the thesis “Art Fraud and Forgery in the Court's Judgments”); the SGH Warsaw School of Economics (a postgraduate degree from in Property Valuation and Valuation of intellectual property rights; a postgraduate degree in Public Relation); Polish Academy of Sciences - Human Right (a postgraduate degree in 2008); currently: Warsaw University of Social Sciences and Humanities (PhD studies at the Faculty of Law).

Jurisdiction: Poland; Vietnam