Pool of Arbitrators

Francesca Ferrari

Francesca Ferrari, professor of civil procedure at the Italian University dell’Insubria, of counsel of the Eptalex law firm.

Francesca Ferrari is an attorney, and arbitrator focused also on art law, copyright, entertainment, intellectual property and commercial law. She is professor of civil procedure at the Law Faculty of the Insubria University in Italy where she teaches also a course on Civil Procedure in IP cases; she is the author of four books devoted to civil procedure, evidence law and to IP litigation, as well as of about 100 essays dedicated to civil procedure, evidence, IP and art law. Forthcoming publications include an article on art law and the new technologies. Francesca Ferrari is a frequent speaker on issues related to civil procedure, evidence, intellectual property and art law and she organized several symposia on those subjects.

Francesca Ferrari’s law practice has included arbitration since the very beginning of her career due to the fact that in those days she was often appointed as secretary of arbitration proceedings; she attended a course on arbitration during her PhD and she had often be appointed as arbitrator both in ad hoc arbitration proceedings and in the ones administered by the Milan National and International Arbitration Chamber in a wide range of IP and commercial disputes at both the domestic and international level.

She is a member of the Associazione italiana fra gli studiosi del processo civile; the International Association of Procedural Law; the Harvard Law School Alumni Association; the European Law Institute; the INTA (International Trademark Association) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee; of SIEDAS (Società Italiana Esperti di Diritto delle Arti e dello Spettacolo).
Francesca Ferrari is also member of the scientific committee of several law journals specialized in civil procedure and in IP such as Rivista di diritto processuale; AIDA. Annali italiani del diritto d’autore, della cultura e dello spettacolo; online journal Aulacivile; Rivista del diritto delle arti e dello spettacolo; journal Il diritto di famiglia e delle persone.

Francesca Ferrari’s educational background includes: a law degree, a PhD in civil procedure, a period of time as visiting researcher at Harvard Law School.

Jurisdiction: Italy