Pool of Arbitrators

Geo Magri

Research Fellow, University of Turin

Geo, admitted to the Bar in 2006 (Turin Court of Appeal), is an expert of cultural property and art law. He is a research fellow of the Law Department of the University of Turin, teaching graduate courses on private law, European private law and Art Law and has a research interests focused on private and comparative law, art law, and entertainment law. Geo is the author of several books, including a book on cultural property and the duty to return stolen or unlawfully exported cultural goods and of a forthcoming volume on private law and the art market. He also published numerous essays on cultural property, droit de suite, good faith acquisition of stolen cultural property and circulation of ancient books. Additionally, Geo is a frequent speaker in national and international conferences and has published extensively on issues related to art law and business.

He is a member of the Scientific Commitee of the Collana Editoriale ProgettArte an editorial series focused on cultural planning and organization (editore Gioacchino Onorati - Aracne), since 2017 he has been appointed a member of the Scientific Committee of Assolirica. He is also member of the Deutsch-Italienische Juristenvereinigung; Italian society for law and literature; Association Henri Capitant des Amis de la Culture Juridique Française. He was appointed to the Arbitration pool of CAfA in January 2020.

Geo’s educational background includes: a PhD in Historical and institutional foundations of European law (2008). He is a native Italian speaker and he is fluent in English, French and German.

Jurisdiction: Italy