Pool of Arbitrators

Ilaria Carli

Intellectual property and art lawyer at Legalitax

Ilaria Carli is an attorney and arbitrator focused on art law and intellectual property, including copyright, trademarks and designs. She is counsel at Legalitax, a law firm based in Milan and Rome, specialized, amongst others, in intellectual property law.

Over the past twenty years, she has developed a substantial practice in art law disputes, representing famous artists, art dealers, art institutions and collectors for the protection, circulation and management of artworks and collections.

Ilaria’s law practice includes advising national and international clients in the art sector, including photography, on a range of key issues such as copyright ownership and infringement of works of art, including conceptual art, and of drafting art sale and purchase agreements and commercial agreements for the exploitation of exclusive rights of artists and in general authors of copyright works. She handled numerous copyright and in general intellectual property disputes at both the domestic and international level. She recently acquired specific knowledge and expertise on the impact of new technologies, such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, smart contracts and NFTs, in the art sector, advising both artists, minters and art related NFT’s platforms.

Ilaria is a frequent speaker on art law and related topics and has published extensively on issues related to art law and intellectual property in general contributing to newspapers and magazines. She is the author of the chapter “La criptoarte e i nuovi orizzonti per la tutela della proprietà intellettuale” of the handbook “ARTE. UNA RIVOLUZIONE DIGITALE NEL SOLCO DEL DIRITTO” edited by Press The Skill, Milan.

Ilaria is a Panelist of MSFD, an IP Dispute Resolution Center based in Milan.
She has also served as lay judge of the Court of Milan for nearly three years.

She is a member of the Milan Bar Association and of AIPPI (International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property), as well as a member of the Internet Committee of ECTA (European Community Trademark Association).

Ilaria’s educational background includes a degree in law at the University of Padua (1992) and an LL.M. Degree in Intellectual Property at the University of London (Queen Mary and Westfield College - 1997).

She is fluent in Italian and English.

Jurisdiction: Italy