Pool of Arbitrators

Maximiliano MARZETTI


Maximiliano Marzetti is Assistant Professor of Law (enseignant-chercheur) and Head of the Law Track at IESEG School of Management in Paris, a triple-accredited Grande Ecole de Commerce (AACSB, AMBA, and EQUIS), where he also integrates ICON, the Centre of Excellence in Negotiation. In addition, he is a visiting faculty at ESCP Paris, Cergy Paris University, Turin University, the University Institute of European Studies, and the Latin American School of Social Sciences. He is a teaching fellow of Harvard University Law School's CopyrightX program and a tutor of distance learning courses offered by the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

He obtained a law degree from the Catholic University of Argentina, a Master of Laws in intellectual property from Turin University, a European Master in Law & Economics from Hamburg, and Bologna Universities (dual degree), a Diploma in Arbitration Law from Montpellier University, and a doctorate (PhD) from Erasmus Rotterdam University. He was awarded an Erasmus Mundus scholarship by the European Commission and was a foreign research scholar at the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition in Munich.

Before becoming a full-time academician, Maximiliano practised as a lawyer, mediator, and industrial property consultant for almost two decades in Argentina, specialising in intellectual property disputes. He has represented many artists and authors in international litigation procedures, mediations and negotiations. He has been appointed a pretrial mediator by the National Directorate of Mediation and Participatory Methods of Conflict Resolution, Ministry of Justice and Human Rights of Argentina, and as a neutral by the Arbitration and Mediation Centre of the World Intellectual Property Organization.

He has authored many works in the field of copyright law. Some of his recent publications are Incorporating exceptions and limitations to copyright law to incentivise the development of Artificial Intelligence in Latin America (Latin American Law Review, no. 9, Universidad de Los Andes, Bogotá, Colombia, 2022); Victor Hugo Betrayed: The Domain Public Payant as Intended in the 19th Century and as Implemented Today (Review of Economic Research on Copyright Issues, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 56-80, 2021), Copyright Protection for Interior Design Projects (Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht, Internationaler Teil, vol. 70 no. 2, pp. 205-209, 2021); Paying for works in the public domain? The "domaine public payant" in the 21st century (Gewerblicher Rechtsschutz und Urheberrecht Internationaler Teil, vol. 64, no. 4, p. 343 et seq., 2019). His forthcoming publications comprise the following book chapters, River Plate Tango: a story of cultural appropriation, musical borrowings, and constant evolution (edited by Enrico Bonadio and Chen Zhu, "Music Genres, Borrowing and Copyright", Hart Publishing, 2023); Libraries and copyright law in the 21st century (edited by Enrico Bonadio and Cristiana Sappa, The Subjects of Literary and Artistic Copyright, Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 182-205, 2023) and the country entry for Argentina in the Encyclopaedia of Intellectual Property Law (edited by Paul Torremans, Edward Elgar, forthcoming).

Maximiliano has also been involved with teaching, and pro bono work in dispute resolution. He teaches International Commercial Mediation Practice at the Catholic University of Lille Law School and Introduction to International Arbitration at the IESEG School of Management. For the last three consecutive editions, he has coached the joint mediation team of the Law School of the Catholic University of Lille, School of Law, and IESEG School of Management, at the International Commercial Mediation Competition hosted by the International Chamber of Commerce. The team he coached in 2020 received the Special Award Distinction in their Relationship Building with the other Team. In 2022 he also coached a team of students from the same universities that participated in the first Investor-State Mediation Competition, organised by IIMC Colombo, in Sri Lanka. That team was also awarded a distinction. In 2020 he acted as a mediation session judge at the International Online Mediation Competition, organised by ADR-ODR International, in London. In 2019 he participated as an arbitrator in the Vis Pre-Moot organised by the International Chamber of Commerce, and in 2018 as a mediation session supervisor at the International Commercial Mediation Competition, also organised by the International Chamber of Commerce.

Maximiliano is fluent and capable of conducting mediation and arbitration proceedings in English, Spanish, and Italian and has an advanced working command of French and Portuguese.

Jurisdiction: Argentina