Pool of Arbitrators

Michiel Werkhoven

Michiel B. Werkhoven, LLM/BC, senior judge at the District Court Overijssel The Netherlands, (deputy justice of the Court of Appeal of Amsterdam).

Mr. Werkhoven is an senior judge and arbitrator. As judge he has been focused on commercial and contract law. He is at the present more focused on adjudicating fraud and money laundering offences. He is Past President of the Disciplinary Court of accountants and auditors of The Netherlands. As a result, he also has knowledge of disputes relating to valuation issues.

As an arbitrator, he has 20 years of experience in adjudicating civil and commercial disputes. As a judge and arbitrator, he pays serious attention to investigating whether the parties can resolve their dispute amicably.

The life partner of mr. Werkhoven has an art gallery (paintings, ceramics and glass). As a result, Mr. Werkhoven has developed an above-average interest in art and has practical knowledge of buying/selling in the art trade and at auctions and the associated problems such as erring buyers and forgeries.

Together with his legal knowledge and experience of 35 years as a (senior) judge/arbitrator, is mr. Werkhoven of the opinion that he can make a valuable contribution to the settlement of arbitral disputes in the art sector.

Mr. Werkhoven's educational background includes: a law degree from the University of Leiden (LLM) and a degree in general economics and statistics (BA). He started his career in the legal profession, after which he taught civil procedural law at the University of Leiden; from 1987 he is a full-time judge.

Jurisdiction: The Netherlands