Pool of Arbitrators

Natalia Gaidaenko Schaer

Senior Lawyer, Secretan Troyanov Schaer SA

Natalia is a lawyer, arbitrator and mediator focused on commercial law. She was nominated for Public Award for furthering the advancement of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) in and training programs for judges.

Natalia’s law practice has included arbitration since 1987 and mediation since 2012. She has served as Arbitrator in a wide range of commercial disputes at both the domestic and international level. As an experienced arbitrator, she is on the panel of Arbitrators for International Commercial Disputes of the International Commercial Arbitration Court at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, arbitrator of the Arbitration Center at the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs and of the Russian Arbitration Center. She was appointed to the original Arbitration pool of CAfA in January 2020.

As practicing lawyer, Natalia has for several years accompanied the activities of one of the modern private exhibition halls in Moscow, starting from the lease and fitting of the premises till the agreements with the insurers. PhD in law, Natalia is a senior scientific fellow at the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law Studies with the Government of the Russian Federation where she also acts as Deputy head of the Center of Promotion of Mediation and ADR (SOMEDIARS). Natalia is a frequent speaker and has published extensively on issues related to arbitration, commercial law, private international law, international commercial mediation and business. Forthcoming publications include an article on the issue of trust in dispute resolution, book chapters on the actual issues of inheritance law. She is a guest lecturer at the Russian Foreign Trade Academy, teaching graduate courses on Modern Alternative Dispute Resolution of International Commercial Disputes. She has participated as judge at law school- and ICC sponsored events, ICC International Mediation Competitions for students.

Natalia is Professional mediator, member of the Panel of Mediators in Conciliation Proceedings at the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and of the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation. Natalia was member of the official Russian delegation at UNCITRAL and took part in the elaboration of the Singapore Convention on International Settlement Agreements resulting from Mediation.

Natalia’s educational background includes: Moscow State Institute of Foreign Relations (1987) (LL.M.); Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law Studies (Ph.D) (1993); St Petersbourg State University (professional mediator certificate) (2012). She speaks Russian, English and French and reads in German and Italian.

Jurisdiction: Russia