Pool of Arbitrators

Annapaola Negri-Clementi

Annapaola Negri-Clementi, Partner of Pavesio e Associati with Negri-Clementi

Annapaola is an attorney focused on art law, cultural heritage, art wealth management, family business succession and corporate law . She is Partner of Pavesio e Associati with Negri-Clementi, a law firm based in Milan, Turin and Rome specialized, amongst other, in art law.

Since 2018 she is the Director of “ART&LAW”, a quarterly scientific journal which deals with issues related to art law, art economics and art markets. She is a teacher in postgraduate and graduate courses on Art Law and Cultural Heritage as the Course in Economy and Management of Cultural Heritage at the Catholic University, the Master in Economy and Management of Art and Cultural Heritage at 24ORE Business School, at RCS Academy Business School, at AIPB (Italian Association for the Private Banking) and the Advances Training Course by Gallerie d’Italia Academy of Intesa Sanpaolo. Annapaola is a frequent speaker at conventions, workshops and round tables on legal issues in the art world and has published extensively on issues related to art law and art wealth management, including law review, art magazines and art law blogs.

Annapaola’s law practice has included arbitration and mediation since 2009. She has served as arbitrator in a wide range of commercial disputes and in art law disputes both at the domestic and international level. Since 2019 she has been a member of the IP and Art Department of Arbitrando, an Italian Association for the development of the culture of arbitration in Italy, and, since its creation, she has been a member of the Law, Literature and Art Commission of the Milan Bar Association. She is a member of the Milan Bar and barrister of the Supreme Court. She was appointed to the CAfA Mediation and Arbitration Pool in April 2021.

From 2011 to 2020 Annapaola has been Managing Partner of Negri-Clementi Law Firm, which has received the Legalcommunity Award as Best Italian Art Law Firm in 2020 and in 2018. Annapaola Negri-Clementi has received the Legalcommunity Award as Best Italian Art Lawyer in 2019.

Annapaola’s educational background includes a degree magna cum laude in Law at University of Milan (1995). She is fluent in Italian, English and French.

Jurisdiction: Italy