Pool of Arbitrators

Noor Kadhim

Partner, Gardner Leader; Founder, In The Frame

Noor is an attorney and arbitrator focused on art law, international dispute resolution, and law. In 2011 she founded In The Frame Ltd, a curatorial art platform that organizes exhibitions and events, including art dinners and shows around the art fairs in New York, Dubai, and London. She regularly puts together shows and events, and assists with the sale, transfer, commission and placement of art objects as part of her art platform. Noor is also a guest lecturer at Queen Mary University of London, teaching graduate courses on Art Law and Arbitration. Forthcoming publications include an article on the protection of world cultural heritage, and book chapters on arbitration, and the creation of micro-States. Noor is a frequent speaker and has published extensively on issues related to art law and arbitration.

Noor’s law practice has included arbitration and litigation since 2008. She has worked as a deputy counsel at the International Chamber of Commerce in Paris and administered over 100 cases. She has also advised a global third party litigation funder on the appropriateness (from a legal risk point of view) in investing in arbitration and litigation cases. Noor has represented clients on a range of both disputes cases and commercial transactions in the art sphere. Her clients include and included private collectors and their advisors, Tate, Liverpool Biennial board, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, and several gallerists, art dealers and artists.

She is a member of the English Law Society, the Institute of Art and Law, the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, and the Professional Advisors to the International Art Market (PAIAM). She has also participated as an arbitrator at the Vis Moot in Vienna, and has also coached teams on arbitration techniques, including as part of US Department of Commerce sponsored training work. As part of this, she has also given arbitration training workshops to arbitrators in Eastern Europe and in developing jurisdictions, such as to the Afghan arbitration centre. Noor also regularly gives arbitration training workshops as part of a postgraduate diploma course held at the American University of Sharjah, since 2014. Noor was appointed to the original Arbitration pool of CAfA in January 2020.

Noor’s educational background includes: a LLB (Hons) – First Class – in Law with French Language (2003) gained from Glasgow University, and a LLM in International Dispute Resolution (2014) gained from Queen Mary University of London. She completed a postgraduate legal practice course at the Said Business School/ Oxford University (2006) and during this time she was co-editor of Oxford University’s student magazine.

Noor was formerly on the steering committee of the Young Members’ Group for the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, for which she helped organize four annual conferences. She has also been editor for Kluwer Arbitration Blog for 3 years, directing the Middle East section.

Jurisdiction: U.K.