Pool of Arbitrators

Paulo Fernando Pinheiro-Machado

Diplomat, advocate, journalist and writer. Vice-President of the International Law Commission of the Institute of Brazilian Lawyers (IAB) and Barrister (unregistered)

Mr Pinheiro Machado is a career diplomat, advocate, mediator and arbitrator focused on all aspects of international law and finance, including art law, copyright, entertainment and commercial law. Mr Pinheiro Machado is highly regarded as one of the leading experts in International Law in Brazil. He is Professor of International Law at UNIDOMBOSCO and Ubique Group. He has received awards for his legal activity and publishes frequently in international magazines and academic journals. Author of “Sparks of Tempest: diplomacy in a changing world” (Saraiva), “Ideas and Diplomacy: Viscount of Uruguay and the birth of Brazilian foreign policy. 1849-1852” (Lisbon Press) and “Waterline” (Só Livro Bom).

Mr Pinheiro Machado’s has extensive experience with international art law and insurance matters, including negotiations, drafting and dispute resolution of large international deals. He was appointed to the original Arbitration and Mediation pools of CAfA in April 2021.

Mr Pinheiro Machado’s educational background includes: Curitiba Law School (LLB); Federal University of Parana (Postgraduate Diploma in Political Sociology); Université Nancy 2 (Diplôme d ́Études Françaises); Rio Branco Institute (MPhil in Diplomacy); Inns of Court School of Law, City, University of London (GDL with Commendation); Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (Diploma in International Arbitration); Inns of Court School of Law, City, University of London (BPTC Very Competent); Inns of Court School of Law, City, University of London (LLM with Commendation).

Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish and Norwegian (fluent); Russian, German and Dutch (intermediary).

Jurisdiction: Brazil and England and Wales