Pool of Arbitrators

Piotr Stec

Professor and Director, Institute of Legal Studies, University of Opole

Piotr is an attorney (radca prawny) and professor of law of the Opole University, Poland. His research is focused on comparative private law, intellectual property and art law, in particular regulation of the art market, auction sales and liability issues. He is founding director of the research Institute of Legal Studies of the University of Opole. Piotr also teaches core course in the law of persons and law of obligations, Law and Literature and Art Law. He has written extensively, being the author of over 70 publications. He has published i.a. on restitution of cultural goods, comparative property law and law of the trust-like devices, and intellectual property rights of an artists and academics.

Piotr’s law practice has included consulting in cultural property matters and participation in the law making process as an advisor to various stakeholders. He acted as an expert for the Polish Ministry of Culture, and is currently member of the Collegium of the Supreme Audit Office of the Republic of Poland. He is also member of the editorial board of the Santander Art & Culture Law Review. In 2018 he obtained the Decoration of Honor Meritorious for Polish Culture.

Piotr’s educational background includes: University of Silesia Mjuris (1997), PhD (2001) and LLD (2009) in laws and state examination for judges. He is a native Polish speaker and has full working knowledge in English as well as knowledge in German.

He is past Associate Dean of the Polonia University Gliwice Campus and past Dean of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Opole.

Jurisdiction: Poland