Pool of Arbitrators

Ramin Kakavand

Attorney, University Lecturer, and Arbitrator

Ramin is an attorney, university lecturer, and arbitrator focused on art law, intellectual properties and commercial law. He is the author of the book entitled: “Photographers laws and regulations – everything that artists should know about Laws”. Forthcoming publications include an article on case study of most favorable clause in enforcement of foreign arbitral awards according to article 3 of New York convention in the light of Iran’s domestic regulations. Ramin is a frequent speaker and has published extensively on issues related to photography copyright and art law as well as business. He was appointed to the original Arbitration pools of CAfA in August 2022.

As a university lecturer, he teaches in master and bachelor program and graduate courses on Art Law, Ethics and ADR.

Ramin’s law practice has included arbitration since 2015. He has served as Arbitrator in a wide range of art law and commercial disputes at domestic level especially cases which were referred from National Iranian Photographers’ Society (NIPS) or Photographers Associations of Iran. He is a member of the Judiciary Bar Association, also a judiciary bar arbitration court Panel of Arbitrators. He has worked in Arbitration Center of Iran’s Chamber of Commerce (ACIC) for 5 years as secretary staff and expert.

Ramin's educational background includes: International Law (LL.M.) (Thesis subject: Enforcement of foreign arbitral awards); Photography (M.A.); Law (B.A) from Tehran University. He speaks Persian and English.

Jurisdiction: Iran