Pool of Arbitrators

Robert Rom

Fellow, Chartered Institute of Arbitrators; Founder, rlr arbitration

Robert is a Swiss attorney and chartered international arbitrator focused on commercial law as well as legal matters in the field of visual arts.

Robert was educated in Switzerland (University of Zurich) and the US (Columbia University). He has practiced for over 25 years in law firms and as Group Counsel to multinational corporations and has been involved in litigation and arbitration procedures in numerous jurisdictions as counsel and arbitrator, respectively. He was also active as counsel in two major mediations in Austria and the UK, respectively. He is a member of the Swiss bar and holds a doctorate in Law from the University of Zurich and a Diploma in International Arbitration from the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London, to which he was admitted as a Fellow in 2017. He was appointed to the original Arbitration pool of CAfA in January 2020.

Robert has served as panellist and speaker on international dispute resolution conferences, is active in several working groups in the field of international arbitration and has published in renown trade journals. He is a member of ASA, ICC, DIS, CEAC, CIArb, IBA and IPBA and is on the List of Arbitrators of the Russian Arbitration Centre. He also served as a member of the Legal Committee of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce and of the Public Affairs Committee of the British-Swiss Chamber of Commerce. He is bilingual in German and English, fluent in French and Italian, has a solid knowledge of Hebrew and converses in Chinese (Mandarin, HSK 3).

Robert has for over 20 years curated, managed and expanded two substantial family collections of important Impressionist/Old Master and Modern/Contemporary art, respectively. He has extensively dealt with reputable art galleries, auction houses, museums, and institutions worldwide and has negotiated and executed trades, loans and donations on behalf of these collections and of clients. Robert also gained experience with art experts, restorers, publishers and insurers. He organized a legal conference on the topic of lost/looted art in Zurich, which featured representatives of the Swiss Ministry of Cultural Affairs.

Jurisdiction: Switzerland