Pool of Arbitrators

Roman Zykov

Secretary General, Russian Arbitration Association; Founding Partner, Mansors

Roman acts as counsel and arbitrator focusing on art law, IPR, sports law, entertainment and commercial law. He is a founding member and Secretary General of the Russian Arbitration Association since 2013. Roman is the author and editor of books and articles on international commercial and sports arbitration, he is also the chief editor of the book "The Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards in Russia and Former Soviet States". Roman is a frequent speaker at arbitration and mediation conferences organized by the leading arbitration centers, arbitration associations and international organizations, such as UNCITRAL, UNDP, WIPO and UNESCO.

Roman’s law practice has included arbitration and mediation since 2005. He has served as arbitrator in a wide range of commercial disputes at both the domestic and international levels. He is listed at International panels of arbitrators in the CIETAC, VIAC, ICC, SCC, FAI, DIS, HKIAC, KIA, AIAC, TRAC. He was was appointed to the original Arbitration pool of CAfA in January 2020.

Roman has advised and acted in various matters pertaining to the arts law, such as disputes: arising out of the image rights of the Olympic athletes used for a post stamp; arising in connection with the arrest of the largest private collection of socialist realism; arising out of the illegal use of an iconic textile pattern by a leading luxury fashion house; arising out of the illegal use of an iconic art work of a Russian designer by a U.S. producer of luxury foods and other.

Roman’s educational background includes: WIPO Academy Program in 2008; Erasmus University Rotterdam (LL.M) in 2004; Kazan State University (PhD) in 2002; Bashkir State University (LL.B.) in 1999. He is proficient in English and Russian (full professional proficiency), and conversant in Swedish.

Jurisdiction: Russia