Pool of Arbitrators

Simon Angel

Independent Consultant

As a master in Fine Art (Arnhem, 1995, Ateliers Arnhem) Simon is specialised in conceptual art and design with a social, political and economical impact. He has over 25 years of experience in modern art, design, and cultural heritage as an artist, teacher, coach and curator. His work has been broadcasted on national TV (VPRO, Waskracht!), was seen in several international musea and galeries and manifestations. A good example was his partnership Cause and Effect with the dutch artist Servaas. Together they developed the international recognised and awarded campaign ‘the sea is crying’. They declared all the international waters as art (recorded at the notary in Hoorn, The Netherlands), which as a consequence could be therefore traded and protected.

Pioneering and exploring new techniques and (legal/business) questions related to these issues have always been a common thread throughout his career making him a well versed partner, negotiator and mediator in the art, fashion and design world and today also in other multiple stakeholders environments such as governmental, social, political and cultural. His main focus and concern are related to sustainability, technology and innovation. He is specialised in cross-disciplined matters, intellectual property and value framing. He has a broad network in the design and fashion industry.

Simon today has a lively international practice, working in different roles as coach, connector and developer, still in several culture related contexts. He works as a curator Sustainable Innovations at Munich Fabric Start (Munich, Germany) which includes presenting design and innovation updates (exhibition and press lectures on actual innovations and developments in the field of textiles) two times a year. He works as a coach at Fashion Counsel Germany (Berlin, Germany) and at DesignFarm Berlin (Berlin, Germany) with the focus on technology, fashion and design. As the Maitre d’ Arts at Vouch (Arnhem, The Netherlands) he advises, mediates and connects collectioneurs, curators and artists. He teaches at ArtEZ University of the Arts, Master Fashion Strategy (Arnhem, the Netherlands). He partners with Studio Pauline van Dongen (technology and textile), Studio Elsien Gringhuis (high end sustainable fashion) and KERN consultancy (Frankfurt, Germany) as creative director. At ARDIS consultancy (The Hague, The Netherlands) he is focussed on cross-over private-public collaborations and leadership.

Simon was appointed to the Arbitration pool of CAfA in January 2020.

His educational background includes: ArtEZ University for the Arts, Arnhem (Master Fine Arts, 1996) and ArtEZ University for the Arts, Arnhem (Bachelor Fine Arts, 1995).

Simon is a Dutch native speaker and fluent in English.